What happens when Uber and Lyft Come back to Austin?

What happens when Uber and Lyft Come back to Austin? It looks like the Texas Legislature is going to pass HB 100, which states that regulating Transportation Network Companies (i.e. Uber, Lyft, etc.) is: (1) is an exclusive power and function of this state; and (2) may not be regulated

The Good About AVs: System Gains, Mobility for All, Cheaper Stuff

As AVs become more common in society, we are going to start seeing some big changes.  Some of these changes could be really bad, like extra VMT making congestion a lot worse. But here we get to discuss all the good that could come with AVs!  So lets go through some of

Why the Best Autonomous Vehicle is a Connected Vehicle

As the traditional auto manufacturers (original equipment manufacturers or OEMs) work to develop autonomous vehicles, the federal government has spent most of its time focused on new forms of vehicular connectivity.  And, I make the case here that, for safety, connected vehicles (CVs) should come first! Still the question remains If

The Case that AVs Make Congestion Worse

Right now, there is huge debate raging in the long range planning community: Are Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) going to make congestion better? or worse? A lot rides on the answer to this question: each year planning organizations plan out millions of dollars in infrastructure (roads, signals, parking, etc..) to account