Transit – Why we Need It and What we Do to Save It

Basically, as ridesourcing AVs come on the road way, the number of miles traveled on our roadways are going to go up – potentially way up.

Think about all the people that cant drive currently suddenly being able to move around via car.  If kids want to go to soccer practice, or you forgot your cell phone at home, or you want food delivered, or you want to send your kids to the vet.  This all becomes a much more available process: just throw them in a self driving car (specially outfitted for the appropriate purposes) and let them go.

Now in theory this is a great thing! But at the same time, it could lead to so many more trips than we have right now and could make traffic a lot worse, even if there are system gains due to computers driving as opposed to humans.

So what we need is something called shared mobility.

or, in otherwords, we need people to share rides, or, in other words again: we need transit!

Now it may not look like busses in the future, but we can talk about that furhter.

Additionally, Transit allows for equitable access to service for underserved populations, where private enterprise might not be so excited about providing complicated rides to people who may not be able to pay.

I’ll update this post with more info soon!